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Sunflowers for Ukraine

What is happening in Ukraine has been weighing heavily on me the last few days.
As a child, I would decorate psanky eggs with my cousins and go to Easter midnight mass. My cousins learned Ukranian dancing and when I went to Malanka (Ukranian New Year's) with them I'd be a bit jealous that I couldn't do it too ...I really wanted those red shoes! 🤗
I didn't know that my kids would learn all about Ukraine as part of the Alberta curriculum and they would come home with facts about the country and decorate psanky in school. I volunteered to help and the smell of the beeswax warmed my heart and brought me back to my own childhood. Instead of decorating with my cousins, we now do it as a family. They also all help make perogies and we all have our own role in the (lengthy!) process just like my family did growing up.
All this to say that I want to help the people of Ukraine in any way possible.  There was already a sunflower print planned for this current Farm round but I've designed a sunflower print exlusive to Kenilworth on two colourways.  Sunflowers are Ukraine's official flower and of course, blue and yellow are the flag colours.  Proceeds from the sale of each metre of the sunflower prints sold will be donated to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.