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Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

Spreading the Love to Rainbow Camp

A few weeks back I seen in one of my community groups that a mom was asking for anyone who was free to please stop by a local park to help celebrate her 12 year olds birthday. He recently told his two friends he was gay and those parents will no longer allow their children to hang out with him and so he had no one to invite to his party. I must be naive because I couldn't even fathom how in 2021 this actually was happening. Thankfully, the community all came together and dropped by the park to celebrate this child's birthday so he could feel loved and important on his day and it was a beautiful thing.
In light of this, a portion of every 'Same Love' metre sold will be donated to Rainbow Camp. I just watched their video on the site and teared up seeing these youth struggle so much. Donations help send 2LGBTQ+ youth, their siblings and children in Queer families to camp so that even if it's just one week of the year, it's a whole week where they can be themself and feel included, accepted and loved.
Stickers and magnets will also be available for sale with a portion going towards this organization.  You can find them under the Notions tab on the homepage.