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Surat, Gujarat
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Welcome to Kenilworth Fabric

It's finally happening!  I'm so excited to finally be launching my own fabric store!  I've been a crafter of some sort since I was young and my grandmother taught me to knit and hand embroider around 8 years old.  I would stay over and work on projects while she knitted for hours.  When I moved away to Florida to be with my husband in 2006, I had no job, no car and no friends.  It was a low point and I knew I needed something to get me through so I turned to crafting.  I bought a sewing machine and (with many calls to nana!) taught myself to read a pattern and make aprons, coasters, throw pillows and curtains.  I loved the sense of accomplishment in creating something from nothing and the feeling of pride you get when you pass by an item and think, "I made that!"  I have quite a collection of sewing books and get so much inspiration browsing through and seeing what others have done and ways they have sewn up different fabrics.  I enjoy the slow process of sewing with woven fabric, stopping to iron each seam and that moment when it's all finished, you turn it right side out and see the end result!  When I finally decided to give knits a try, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of custom fabric.  I never knew there were so many choices!  The only downfall was most of the options were knits and many of the patterns I wanted to use called for woven.  Bags are quite versatile in that you can always interface them but I was really looking for a great canvas as well as linens and twill.   It was during the pandemic that I started to seriously look into creating my own fabric store with a focus on these bases.  I had worked for another small fabric store in the area and knew it was hard work but I had so many ideas and wanted to create a great store where you could shop for all kinds of bases in unique prints and also get your supplies such as fun zipper pulls, zippers, needles and other notions.  While trying to come up with a business name, I kept thinking back to how it all started and it's thanks to my nana who started me on my creative journey.  I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and if you're also from the area you know there's a Kenilworth Ave.  My grandparents lived off that street in the same house for over 50 years and I spent so much time with them it was my second home.  The name is an homage to my hometown and memories of spending time with my grandparents learning all types of needlecrafts that would eventually lead me to my career choice.  In times of stress, loneliness or excitement I've turned to crafting and I'm hoping you can find some peace and happiness in it as well.